Evaluating the potential success of new products can be challenging – we understand. Exploring the opportunity for a change in indication, line extension or the impact of a competitor launch can be complicated with both internal and external factors at play. Assessing risk and opportunity in any of these scenarios can feel stressful and exciting. Our senior team have a listening ear and solutions at their fingers tips to help with any scenario. Probabilising scenarios and identifying investment opportunity is more important for pharmaceutical companies than ever before and we welcome any opportunity to stand by your side and develop and support you in both creation and dissemination.

How do we do it?

J+D NPP teams have a set of forecasting models and templates in place that support best practice evaluations. We guide asset evaluations and forecasting process that allows risk and opportunity to be clearly defined, assessed and communicated in a consistent way.
J+D have created a range of tools and solutions that support best practice forecasting of assets in development. We help clients improve in-house forecasting capabilities as well as providing robust, flexible and transparent externally generated forecasts that validate or challenge internal held views internally. We understand that there is a need for both flexibility and consistency in the asset evaluation process. Flexibility that allows for forecasts of multiple assets at varying stages of development to be created. Consistency ensures assets can be reviewed knowing a client is comparing like with like.

The result

The J+D evaluation process will clearly communicate both the opportunity and the risk associated with any potential investment. For future investment decisions that you can have confidence in.
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