One of the biggest forecasting challenges pharmaceutical companies face is to develop a long-range planning process that delivers the insight to drive the business forward. Of all the pharmaceutical forecasting processes, the long-range plan has to work for the broadest stakeholders. The J+D team look forward to putting their years of experience in to practise, to help choose the best approach to creating your long range pharmaceutical forecast.

J+D approaches pharmaceutical forecasting differently,
we look at forecasting model creation from different angles:

  1. Accessible to multi-functional stakeholders in different countries
  2. Usable intuitive and transparent
  3. Representative accurately reflect the therapy area
  4. Engaging clear, concise with the ability to make changes instantly


Long Range Forecasting also know as Long Range Planning (LRP) has extra layers of complexity. A tailored bespoke service is required as each pharmaceutical company has its own set of challenges. Global variation in data inputs, different reporting systems, different indications in different countries, plus variability in roles and responsibilities can make LRP inefficient, difficult and unenjoyable. Here at J+D we strive for project success. We define success as compliance, meaning everyone required engages with the development process and all are happy using the forecasting model, be that your local affiliate or HQ team.
When J+D was formed, it was and still is a collection of highly experienced senior people. We recognise that technical ability to develop models is no guarantee for success, it must be accessible to those whose market knowledge and experience informed its creation. Usability and understanding stands shoulder to shoulder with technical rigour.

The J+D 5 step approach:

Listen and Engage

Key stakeholder interviews to map internal requirements.


Detailed model review and data audit. Project scoping.


Develop and fine tune model.

Distribute and Embed

Finalise model and communicate to teams.

Train and Support

Additional support and training to embed.

Project audit and scoping
Developing the model
Deliver and support

The model development process requires a unique combination of highly specialised, technical expertise and commercial understanding.

Microsoft Excel is the globally recognised software of choice for LRP. Excel software is a good, flexible, analytical tool with broad usage. J+D have invested in Microsoft 365 cloud, creating a more dynamic seamless LRP process via SharePoint with instantly generated analytics and reports via Power BI.
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