J+D Forecasting's operational forecasting models are designed to optimise ROI and support brand growth and performance. At J+D Forecasting, we help our clients to understand the mismatches between performance expectation and actual opportunity.

Our belief

Brand success is derived from clear evidence-based strategy. At J+D it is our aim to support you to optimise brand performance. Internal optimism about a brand's potential is a key driver for its success. The parameters for success should be clearly defined based on insight, which in turn should support the formulation of your investment strategy. Defining what success really looks like is the first step on the journey. The implementation of a J+D operational model will provide the sales and marketing team with the insight needed to make better decisions regarding investment strategy. It will help identify and reward high performing sales execs and result in a more targeted, effective account strategy.

How do we go about it?

J+D Forecasting work alongside pharmaceutical sales and marketing teams to align growth expectations against available opportunity, we also explore the level of investment required to make the opportunity attainable. This is based on evidence and fact aligned to business strategy. We work with you to map national targets against a ‘bottom up’ account-based forecast. We aim to accurately highlight any disconnect between existing performance levels and future expectation. All accounts are plotted on a performance index. This is supported by an account profile that will provide brand teams with the insight required to allocate marketing investments.

The result

An evidenced based marketing investment strategy that focuses investment on where the opportunity lies. Ongoing tracking of activities vs. performance provides an accurate guide to what sales and marketing strategies work for each account profile. Insights will highlight highest performing accounts and potentially reward higher performing sales people for their efforts. Effective pharma operations solutions from end-to-end.
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