Business Development Director

J&D Forecasting has developed a reputation with clients for delivering a high level of service. We are considered responsive to their needs and creative in solving challenging problems.

As an Account Director you will be responsible for implementing the company’s growth strategy within your assigned accounts. And as a senior member of the team you will liaise closely with other departments in order to maintain and enhance our reputations as a leading provider of forecasting services to the pharmaceutical industry.

As an Account Director your main responsible is driving all sales activity and to develop long term partnerships with your target clients.

Key Roles and Responsibilities

As an Account Director your primary responsibility is to hit or exceed agreed upon revenue sales targets. 

You will be targeted on both New and Repeat business defined as follows:

  • Repeat business is defined as sales to existing active client companies and existing active projects.
    • Included in repeat business, is an extension to existing projects, e.g. excel model into FC365, inclusion of new brands into existing platforms and geographical extensions to existing platforms. This should be initiated by the client either independently or as a proactive recommendation from J+D Forecasting.  Support contracts are considered repeat business and will be paid on invoicing rather than approval.
    • Renewal of subscriptions (e.g. FC+) is included in repeat business.  Inclusion of additional licenses at the request of client would be an upsell at renewal but not new business.
  • – New business will include companies that we haven’t previously worked with and dormant clients with whom we haven’t worked with for over 18 months.
    • – A new system/product/service that is not linked to any existing project, therefore a new target company that J+D have not worked with before. 
    • – New license agreement with any new company that is costed as such (e.g. not an added license to existing PO).

Business Development activities

In order to achieve revenue sales target, you will be expected to manage your sales pipeline by working autonomously in performing the following activities:

As well as Revenue Sales targets you may be set individual activity targets.  In order to monitor these effectively you will be expected to accurately track these key metrics.

Manage the sales process

As an Account Director you will be responsible for managing all aspects of the sales process, up to project kick-off or product delivery.  You will be the primary point of contact for the client throughout this process, as well as co-ordinating the involvement of all relevant internal teams. This process may vary but will often include the following steps;

  • You will be expected to have a good knowledge of all J+D Forecasting offerings and be able to deliver initial company overview and top-line service presentations. It will be your responsibility to co-ordinate involvement of Technical/Commercial teams input or attendance.
  • You will have overall responsibility for managing the proposal development with support from the Technical/Commercial teams, then deliver the proposal to the client whilst following up promptly.
  • You will ultimately be responsible for project pricing with input from the Commercial team. You will conduct all pricing and discount negotiations to ensure the highest price possible is achieved in line with the companies pricing strategy. Significant price discounts may need to be approved by the CEO and the relevant Commercial Director.
  • You will be responsible for supplier list submissions, contract review and approvals and all other project documentation required by both the client and J+D Forecasting.
  • As an Account Director you will be expected to develop close relationships with your Key Accounts.  You will understand their business and maintain an appropriate level of communication at all times.  It will be essential that you understand our client’s structure, identifying and communicating with key stakeholders.
  • A key to our growth is our investment in marketing, both traditional and digital.  You will work closely with the Marketing team this is both targeted and effective.  At the core of this strategy is the CRM which you will help to maintain and expand.  You will also have input into targeted Marketing campaigns
  • As an Account Director you will be in constant communication with our clients, it is therefore essential that you provide feedback to internal teams based on client needs, competitor activities etc.  You will be an essential cog in our ability to improve our offering and in staying ahead of the competition.
  • Be in touch and make contact (i.e. introduce yourself or contact for an upsell etc) with all of your repeat accounts in your account pack.
  • Secure and book 3 to 5 demonstrations per week, where you are demo’ing either FC+ or FC365 to a client, through your own prospecting efforts (e.g. not including inbound leads).
  • Schedule a minimum of one trip per month to see prospective clients, e.g. a road trip to Switzerland, Germany, local clients in UK etc to visit and demo any clients you have booked.  Be sure to book several meetings, in order to make the most out of your travels.
  • Keep the CRM updated with all of your meetings, email exchanges and dealings with clients.
  • Deliver all price proposals to your clients, with assistance from the Projects Team (if required) and follow up accordingly.
  • Follow through with any new clients, with regards to any new contracts, MSAs or SOWs that would be required for your accounts.  Drive the process from beginning to end and until you receive the purchase order, then forward this to Maura for invoicing.
  • Contact clients via telephone, email, LinkedIn and Dux Soup in order to pitch and book demonstrations with prospective clients.
  • Proactively find leads through your own prospecting efforts by contacting prospective clients through direct emails from your own account preferably, LinkedIn (or any other lead source) and use Dux Soup in the background whilst following through with your own efforts, as previously described.
  • Create a strategy to expand your client base within your existing/repeat accounts, e.g. plan what affiliates are best to target, what product to target, create a target client list within each account then get in touch.
  • Keep in touch with any existing syndicated accounts (e.g. FC+ clients) and checkin at the scheduled check points (e.g. 3, 6, 9 and 12 months) to guarantee renewals, as well as schedule further demo’s and upsell new products.
  • Set up 1 to 3 marketing campaigns a month and consult with Jenny, as to which of your companies in your account pack that you would like to target with your campaign (e.g. list of companies and/or contacts, what product you want to target etc).  Follow up by phone (i.e. email as last resort) with any click throughs, opens etc.
  • Phone any inbound leads that are sent to you then email them directly if you are unable to make contact by phone with 1 to 2 days.  Ensure that you reach the inbound leads within 2 days of receipt.  Ensure you have a good understanding of which product they are interested in then schedule a demonstration and progress them in the CRM.  If the lead does not go anywhere then either change them to “junk lead” and remove from the leads list or if completely irrelevant to our business, then delete them from the CRM entirely.  Keep on top of these leads and follow up weekly until they are either progressed or killed.