Master patient flow analysis to predict pharma demand and provide better patient access.

16th June 2022
Key considerations for creating more accurate patient-based product forecasts.
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Expert strategies to overcome the inherent inaccuracy of long range pharma forecasting

27th May 2022
Here we discuss why managing risk & opportunity is more important than accuracy when tackling your long range planning (LRP)
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How J+D delivered a long-term forecasting model sooner than ever before using proprietary software tool

7th April 2022
J+D were approached by a global pharmaceutical company with a broad pipeline across rare diseases, who needed an improved forecasting approach to evaluate a new extension line in greater detail and gain valuable insight from affiliates.
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Big pharma boosts efficiency and gains a consistent forecasting approach with J+D’s FC365 platform

14th January 2022
J+D were approached by a global pharmaceutical company who needed a new forecasting solution with a robust process management system to give them a solid foundation when forecasting their pipeline assets. 
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J+D helps pioneering biotech launch an efficient, best-practice forecasting process

21st October 2021
A clinical-stage biotech, with a broad oncology pipeline required an improved forecasting approach to support their launch strategy and pipeline prioritisation decision-making for a novel and innovative oncology technology.
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J+D Introduce the Next Generation of FC365

30th June 2021
J+D, Global Pharmaceutical Forecasting experts are excited to announce the launch of the next generation of FC365, the all-in-one, pharmaceutical forecasting platform that will transform the working practices of forecasting teams everywhere.
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Tips for Forecasting Covid-19 Therapies

1st June 2021
Written March 2021. Learn more about our tips for forecasting Covid-19 therapies. Tip 1: It is best to take a patient-based approach...
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Forecasting Considerations for Sizing the Opportunity in a Covid-19 World

1st June 2021
Written March 2021. Learn more about the forecasting considerations for sizing the opportunity in a Covid-19 world. Tip 1: Factor for an increase in undiagnosed patients.
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Tips for Forecasting Therapies in a Covid-19 World

1st June 2021
Written March 2021. Learn more about forecasting therapies in a Covid-19 world. Tip 1: Look at the market from a patient perspective...
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How Microsoft Teams streamlined cross-country forecasting for biotech pioneers.

23rd April 2021
The background. In this case study, we showcase our latest work with one of Europe’s largest, leading biotechnology pioneers, helping to facilitate better, more collaborative forecasting for hundreds of colleagues across the continent. For the company’s most recent forecasting cycle, our experts have worked to…
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How Microsoft Teams is assisting forecasters in a digitalised industry.

16th March 2021
Consistency remains a fundamental building block of good forecasting. As the drive towards total business digitalisation continues, your teams can’t afford to be working in disconnected silos. Instead, give your people the power to collaborate in one unified interface, sharing applications and data seamlessly –…
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EpiCube: The current challenges of data, and how to change your approach.

9th February 2021
This is a video about EpiCube, where the CEO of J+D Forecasting, David James, discusses the challenges and importance of data in response to our latest launch – EpiCube. More about EpiCube: The current challenges relating to data There’s lots of data out there…
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