The processes needed for successful pharmaceutical forecasting

7th September 2023
With the pharmaceutical industry becoming increasing digital, what processes are needed to enhance collaboration, communication, and to unlock the value of digital tools to achieve business goals?
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Understanding epidemiology forecasting and the impact of data sources on accuracy

6th July 2023
Epidemiological forecasting plays a crucial role in understanding disease trends and predicting their impact. The accuracy of these forecasts is influenced by various factors, primarily the quality and availability of data.
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Using sales-based forecasting to identify opportunity and risk for pharma business

29th June 2023
By including the wider competitive set in the forecasting process, pharmaceutical companies can observe and visualize trends and patterns more clearly. This approach can provide valuable insights, to make informed decisions and develop strategies.
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Understanding the role of sales forecasting within pharma

14th June 2023
Ultimately, the accuracy of the sales forecast directly impacts the quality of business decisions. A more accurate forecast provides a solid foundation for decision-making
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The Future of Pharmaceutical Forecasting: Harnessing the Power of Artificial Intelligence

2nd June 2023
In today's rapidly evolving pharmaceutical landscape, accurate forecasting is more crucial than ever before. Within this era of rapid technological advancement, Artificial Intelligence (AI) has emerged as a transformative force within various industries, including pharma.
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What will the trends within pharmaceutical forecasting be in 2023?

30th March 2023
The field of pharmaceutical forecasting has changed significantly over the last few years. There has been a clear demand for better forecasting due to the dynamic nature of the pharmaceutical industry.
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What is pharmaceutical forecasting

19th January 2023
An interview by News Medical with David James, CEO J+D Forecasting about pharmaceutical forecasting, J+D Forecasting solutions and their plans for the future.
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Managing pipeline products more effectively with FC365

10th November 2022
Automating manual processes to solve common forecasting challenges for New Product Planning (NPP) teams.
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Taking the right forecasting approach for rare diseases

8th December 2022
Generating accurate forecasts for rare diseases can be challenging, especially when the treatable population is in the hundreds and there is little data to get you from one number to the next.
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Accelerate Your Forecasting Process with J+D’s Proprietary Software Tool: A Case Study

7th April 2022
J+D were approached by a global pharmaceutical company with a broad pipeline across rare diseases, who needed an improved forecasting approach to evaluate a new extension line in greater detail and gain valuable insight from affiliates.
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What makes a good (and bad) pharmaceutical forecast model

9th November 2022
Forecasting is essential in providing clarity on decision making about the future, and good quality forecasts can prevent decisions being made which could be commercially damaging to organisations.
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Tips for Forecasting First in Class Treatments

9th November 2022
The first step to creating a forecast for a first-in-class treatment is to define your model structure based on the potential source of business.
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