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What is Sales+?

Sales+ is the one of our three innovative Excel addin forecasting solutions. Sales+ is built and designed for those wanting to take a volume/ sales based approach to forecasting (using historic volume/ sales data). Whether you are wanting to build your model around revenue, units or patients, Sales+ can help you to create great sales based forecast models.

How does Sales+ work?

Sales+ is modular in its nature. This means it is extremely flexible and able to cater to your specific needs. You can build a forecast from scratch or you can link the addin to an existing Excel forecast and just use specific modules of Sales+ (sales market sizing, trending, eventing and converting). Use as little or as much of the functionality of Epi+ as you feel comfortable – the choice is yours.

Other FC+ options


Onco+ is perhaps the most specialised of our three innovative Excel addin forecasting solutions. Onco+ is built and designed for those working within the Oncology arena and wanting to take a patient flow based approach to forecasting (where patients move through the different stages or lines of treatment throughout your forecast model).


Epi+ is the one of our three innovative Excel addin forecasting solutions. Epi+ is built and designed for those wanting to take an epidemiology based approach to forecasting. Whether you already possess the data, need advice on the data that you have or need support in identifying the appropriate data to purchase, we are here to support you in generating efficient Epi based forecasts.

In addition

Sales+ has been designed to give you improved functionality and options with regard to trending your historic sales. Given the importance of trending in a Sales+ forecast, you have the option of Holt Winters, ARMA, VAR, exponential, linear, logarithmic, polynomial plus many more trending features to select from. Plus, you can visually compare and contrast the different options to see how this impacts on your forecast. Transparency at its very best.

What do existing users think?

Menarini, Corporate Therapeutic Area Manager

“It is so challenging when you inherit other people’s model which makes no sense to you, FC+ was so clear and easy to populate.”

Janssen, NBD Forecasting Manager

“I use the tool in support of my BD role and love how simple it is to follow.”

AbbVie, Former Director, Global Forecasting & Commercial Analytics

“Epi+ is an exciting tool that can be used to quickly develop forecast models for pharmaceutical products. I highly recommend Epi+ for its ease in use and flexibility.”

Market Analytics Manager, ViiV

“The J+D team is very experienced and bring a lot of knowledge to their projects.They are very insightful about what sort of things to include in models.”

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