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Quick and Seamless Analysis of Forecasts​
Enriched Collaboration in One Shared Interface
Formulate the Narrative More Quickly​
Low-impact Integration
New Automated Processes
Organised and in Control
"As well as their strong technical capability I believe that their knowledge of forecasting has helped to enhance the outputs and deliver the high quality we have experienced"
Insights & Analytics,

FC365 is a powerful, collaborative,
pharmaceutical forecasting solution.

Built on the functionality you know and trust, our FC365 forecasting ecosystem empowers better decision making through effective insight generation and visualisation thanks to J+D proprietary forecasting software.

With over 20 years’ industry expertise, our unbeatable pharmaceutical forecasting knowledge and tools help others define the direction for their business in an increasingly digitised world. We simplify the complex nature of forecasting with a centralised process in one, shared cloud-based interface.

FC365 is an innovative support system for informed decision making about the future.

Accuracy - Collaboration - Clarity - Innovation