Improve Efficiencies in your Long-range/Strategic Planning.

21st July 2020
Here we offer insight into how you can improve efficiencies in your long range strategic planning by moving to cloud-based software solutions.
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Best Practice Tips for Visualizing your Pharma Forecast

20th July 2020
Here we offer insight into the best practises for visualising your forecast, from thinking about your audience to interacting with data.
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The Unique Challenges and Opportunities of Forecasting for Orphan Diseases.

15th June 2020
An article written by David James, IPI - International Pharmaceutical Industry
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Transforming Complex Data into Meaningful Outcomes

6th March 2019
Data collection, analysis and insight dissemination can be difficult  for organisations due to several challenges:  The amount of data  Cross-matching data sources  The ability of the user to understand the data  Software complexity The management and integration of data can be time-consuming and resource heavy…
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Complexity vs. Simplicity Part 2: The Forecast Model Balancing Act

25th January 2018
A successful forecast model design, as our previous article explored, relies on four key ingredients: transparency, tailoring, flexibility and simplicity. However, getting the right amount of simplicity can be challenging when the other ingredients can drive complexity in a forecast model. Toeing the line between…
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Mind the Gap – Market Research and Forecast Model Creation

27th March 2017
One of the challenges regularly faced in market research and forecasting is the alignment of data from market research with a robust forecasting model.
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