Independant Online training

The digital version of our training workshops allows even more people to benefit from our immersive training.

Confidence Knowledge Strategy

Introducing Online Training with J+D.

Designed for anyone who aspires to broaden their understanding of pharmaceutical forecasting.

Courses built around best practice forecasting principles and key forecasting concepts which are relevant to the pharmaceutical industry today.


Interactive sessions keep learners engaged and motivated throughout the training. With real world examples, case studies and quizzes.


Anytime access offers the flexibility to train in your own time and at your own pace in the comfort of your own working environment.


Tap into our training expertise via theHub, FAQs, email or phone to support your independent learning.


Suitable for all abilities from beginners to the more experienced, across business intelligence, analytics, marketing and forecasting roles.

Online training courses

Discover our online courses available to purchase on theHub, your go-to portal for all things pharmaceutical forecasting.

We have digitised our face to face training so that you can complete online pharmaceutical forecasting courses at any time, any pace, any place.

WHY CHOOSE Online Training

Approach your forecasts with confidence, armed with the most appropriate techniques and methodologies.
Work around your schedule
Train at home, in the office or on the move, at a pace that suits you.
Knowledge Enhancement
Benefit from the expertise of J+D's pharma forecasting specialists, elevating your understanding of methodologies and sophisticated approaches.

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