Forecasting support
tailored for pharmaceutical clients.

Reliable ad-hoc project assistance or long-term support, led by a seasoned team of technical experts and senior forecasting analysts, we are readily available to support your requirements, delivering timely and reliable results.

A dedicated expert as project manager ensures streamlined communication, efficient coordination, and a personalized approach, ensuring the successful completion of your project.

With decades of experience navigating industry challenges, J+D are your ideal partner to solve strategic business problems.

Why Choose J+D

Our dedicated team is equipped to handle a diverse array of pharmaceutical forecasting support needs, delivering unmatched results. We bring deep expertise in forecasting, model development, technical analysis, and data interpretation to the table. When you require specialized knowledge, we offer invaluable insights, strategic guidance, and unwavering support, ensuring that you always have the right resources precisely when you need them. Experience the difference of a proactive and proficient approach to forecasting support.

Command of Pharma Dynamics

We don't just skim the surface; we delve deep into the intricacies of pharma forecasting processes, challenges, and systems. Our comprehensive industry understanding sets us apart.

Consistent Excellence

Our commitment to delivering accuracy and consistency has solidified enduring client partnerships across global, regional, and affiliate levels. With decades of experience, J+D is at the core of countless successful forecasting initiatives, understanding the unique demands of pharmaceutical and biotechnology organizations.

Decades of Profiency

With a legacy spanning more than two decades, we have honed our skills in crafting tailored pharmaceutical forecasting models, conceptualizing ground-breaking software, and developing engaging training solutions.

Innovation Meets Tradition

We combine best-practice methodologies with the latest approaches. Our expertise encompasses every pharmaceutical forecasting approach, paired with advanced experience in process optimization and change management.

Why J+D Stands Out

Unrivalled Expertise

Boasting a track record of developing over 1,000 forecast models, alongside the deployment of our FC+ software and FC365 forecasting platform across 70+ countries, our technical capabilities are truly advanced.

Global Presence, Local Excellence

With strategic teams situated in the US, Europe, and the UK, we distinguish ourselves by keeping projects onshore, unlike others who resort to offshoring. This commitment ensures hands-on attention and precision.

Technical Proficiency

We bring together unmatched technical skills, worldwide reach, deep understanding of pharmaceuticals, unwavering quality, and innovative expertise to shape the future of forecasting for pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies.

The J+D team is very experienced and bring a lot of knowledge to their projects. They are very insightful about what sort of things to include in models. Viiv
The work J+D have done for us has completely revolutionised our interactions with the countriesBayer
Their collaboration goes beyond the delivery of a report and insights, they care about your project and will work with you beyond the presentation, making sure you understand all the details, as well as the main insights.Lilly
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