EpiCube is Different.

J+D have taken rows and rows and more rows of epidemiological data and using Microsoft's latest technology, created EpiCube . EpiCube is an epidemiology database for multiple therapy areas (inc Oncology), multiple diseases, attributes, countries, age groups and genders. EpiCube is easy to manage, aligned to pharmaceutical forecasting structures and offers unrivalled analytical capability. Dynamically interrogate, visualise and share your data how you choose.

Build Your Data
How You Choose.

Choose from a dataset of over 9,500 sub groups and over 250 diseases across 50 countries. Create your dataset by region, country, disease or a specific sub group attribute. Utilise characteristics that specifically affect your product. Created with pharmaceutical forecasting structures in mind.

In depth insight generation
inspiring confidence.

Explore the data from different perspectives. Build maximum insights into your forecasting approach. Understand the relationship between total disease prevalence/ incidence and the underlying patient subgroups. Explore risk factors and underlying causes affecting the size of your patient pool. Speed up your forecasting process and visualise insights instantly with Microsoft Power BI reports as standard.


Dynamically generate datasets and present via Microsoft Power BI Reports. The option to extract to Excel is available if required. Configure your data and illuminate insights in a variety of ways.


Explore your data, build your required outputs, extract into Excel or share in Power BI. In-built AI will help you explore data deviations.


Align your EpiCube data with your forecast with complete transparency, providing confidence in both the inputs and outputs of your forecast Share easily with your colleagues.

EpiCube benefits.

Build your data set how you choose.

Explore specific data characteristics relevant to your product.

Interrogate and analyse your data more efficiently.

Bring your data to life and share easily with colleagues.

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