What is FC+ Pharma Forecasting Software?

  • An Excel add-in for pharmaceutical forecasting
  • Created for Epidemiology, Sales and Oncology based forecast models
  • Promotes insight sharing clearly, simply and consistently


A modular step by step approach for simple epidemiology forecast creation.


Statistically forecast in revenue, units or patients. Holt Winters, ARMA and VAR incl.


Specifically designed patient flow methodology. All oncology variables built in.


Produce patient flow models to support changing treatment paradigms and the progression of patients.

FC+ Simplicity

Easy to use models

Front-end simplicity belies the complex software behind the Excel based application. Responsive and intuitive FC+ creates visual representations of your data in a click.

FC+ Agility

Understand the market

Easy to use, and agile enough to adapt to suit individual aims. Elevates user understanding and knowledge. Functionality varies based on individual user requirements.

FC+ Engagement

Effective planning with included forecasting course

Developed with users at the forefront. Inspiring information to be trusted and shared. All delivered with complete training and support modules.

FC+ Sophistication

Developed by Pharma Experts

Delivering consistent, recognised and robust pharma forecasting to the palm of your hand. All based on best practice principles with transparency at the centre.
It is so challenging when you inherit other people’s models which make no sense to you, FC+ was so clear and easy to populate. Menarini, Corporate Therapeutic Area Manager
FC+ is an exciting tool that can be used to quickly develop forecast models for pharmaceutical products. By answering a short series of questions, the user can create custom sales models that contain all desired market dynamics. I highly recommend FC+ for its ease in use and flexibility Abbvie, Former Director, Global Forecasting & Commercial Analytics
I used the tool in support of my BD role and love how simple it is to followJanssen, NPD Forecasting Manager

FC+ software demo and trial

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