Flow+, pharmaceutical forecasting software helps you:

  • Achieve the previously impossible, with the complex variables required to build a forecast already built into the software.
  • Produce patient flow models which support changing treatment paradigms and the progression of patients.
  • Reduce any costly third-party involvement needed to produce the forecast.

What is Flow+?

Flow+ is a revolutionary Excel add-in, specifically created for forecasting progressive diseases. Patient flow is the most accurate and precise methodology to explore the size of an opportunity for a new progressive disease product. It provides the flexibility to model any disease type and indication at the touch of a button. The patient flow methodology underpins Flow+. Track and follow patients on treatment throughout your forecast - making this technically difficult methodology accessible to all.


FLOW+ has been designed for anyone involved in forecasting progressive diseases including those working in Marketing and Sales, Forecasting, Business Insights, Market Research, and Analytics
The J+D team is very experienced and bring a lot of knowledge to their projects.They are very insightful about what sort of things to include in models. Market Analytics Manager, ViiV

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