Sales+, pharmaceutical sales forecasting software helps you:

  • Create statistical, event-based and probability-based forecast models in the same software for the first time.
  • Link strategic and operational forecasts to demand.
  • Align pharmaceutical data structures to support market, class, molecules and products to be forecast.
  • Create a forecast in line with best practice pharma forecasting approaches.

What is Sales+?

The first pharma Excel add-in that provides all the methodologies to produce accurate, statistical trend-based forecasts. Sales+ sales forecasting software includes specific pharmaceutical functionality. For example data phasing and in-market to ex-manufacture conversion. Supports the user to create scenarios and track the forecast versus actual. Helps you create consistent, accurate models more efficiently.


For anyone involved in pharma sales forecasting: Demand Planning Marketing Finance Business Insights and Analytics
It is so challenging when you inherit other people’s model which makes no sense to you, FC+ was so clear and easy to populate. Menarini, Corporate Therapeutic Area Manager

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