Sales+, pharmaceutical sales forecasting software helps you to:

  • Create statistical, event-based and probability-based forecasting models using one software application.
  • Link strategic and operational forecasts to actual demand.
  • Align pharmaceutical data structures to support market, class, molecules and products to be forecast.
  • Create a forecast in-line with best practice pharma forecasting approaches.

What is Sales+?

The first pharma Excel add-in that provides all the functionality to produce intuitive, statistical, trend-based forecasts. Sales+ forecasting software includes specific pharmaceutical functionality. For example, data phasing and in-market to ex-manufacture conversion. Supports the user to create scenarios and track the forecast versus actual. Helps you create consistent, engaging models more efficiently.


Designed for anyone involved in pharma sales forecasting: demand planning, supply chain, marketing, finance, business, insights and analytics
The Sales+ add-in is amazingly helpful and gives very accurate and insightful outputs. I'd go so far as to say it was beautiful! Top 20 Pharma Co
The add-ins are so much more flexible and easier to use than tools we have been using in the past. We are very much looking forward to building most of our models using the FC+ forecasting suite. Top 20 Pharma Co

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