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Experts in Pharmaceutical Forecasting.

At J+D it's our mission to simplify the complex nature of pharmaceutical forecasting to help support your informed decision making for the future. We are dedicated to helping pharmaceutical companies use smarter pharma forecasting solutions to make strategic and operational investment decisions. For decades, we have crafted bespoke pharmaceutical forecasting models, innovative software and interactive training solutions, each of which has been designed with client needs in mind, allowing businesses to create more intelligent and consistent insights.

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Our team are always available to help, so if you’re thinking about changing your pharmaceutical forecasting approach, or you’re simply curious about how we can help you, request a call back at a time that suits you or call +44 (0)161 485 8025
I recently finished a project where I collaborated with J+D. I usually work with them on quite complicated projects. They've always been really good at making sense of lots of information, coming from different sources and making sure the outcome is a reflection of reality. They care about your project and work with you beyond your presentation. Insights Manager, Eli Lilly
The J+D team is very experienced and bring a lot of knowledge to their projects. They are very insightful about what sort of things to include in models. Market Analytics Manager, ViiV
I was very proud of the project and what we had achieved.Associate Director MR, BMS.
Based on my experience of working with you guys I certainly can't recommend any forecasters over you, and I've worked with a bunch!New Products Leader, ViiV
The Fundamentals in Pharmaceutical Forecasting course gave me a great foundation to start my new role within the forecasting group. Also, the team is dedicated to ensuring each customer is satisfied. MBA Senior Associate, Business Analytics & Insights, Pfizer
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