Something amazing is happening in forecasting

Introducing FC+

J+D are very proud to announce the launch of their latest pharmaceutical forecasting innovation, FC+. Developed by J+D software experts, FC+ is set to disrupt the way pharma and biotech companies approach forecasting.

A significant advancement in forecasting

Say goodbye to the days of cumbersome, slow, and difficult to read forecasting models. FC+ is a responsive, intuitive Excel-based application that transforms data into visual representations with a single click. This groundbreaking solution is tailored for a diverse range of professionals, including Business Insights, Forecasters, Market Researchers, Sales and Marketing teams, and anyone involved in the forecasting process, regardless of their level of expertise.

A complete forecasting solution

FC+ is not just a singular software; it’s a suite of forecasting solutions designed to enhance your forecasting experience. The first offering in this suite is Epi+. David James, CEO of J+D, highlights its significance, stating, “It delivers sophisticated, visually engaging models that will not only free up time to think about the forecast but will make the whole forecasting experience much more rewarding.”

Maiko Midena, J+D’s Director of Forecasting and Modelling, adds, “It makes what we all thought to be complex, or even painful at times, appear so simple while still adhering to best practice forecasting principles.”

Epi+ for epidemiology-based forecasts

Epi+ includes all the essential functionality needed to create a forecast with ease. This tool promotes transparency by providing a dedicated space for assumptions, ensures consistency through a structured approach to trending and eventing and delivers robust outputs. Additionally, Epi+ comes equipped with powerful features such as Monte Carlo simulations, Sim Score, and consolidation, providing users with versatile forecasting capabilities.

Epi+ for epidemiology-based forecasts

The launch of FC+ is a watershed moment in the world of pharmaceutical forecasting. With its user-friendly interface and cutting-edge features, FC+ promises to streamline the forecasting process and elevate the accuracy of predictions. Choose a software that empowers you to make informed decisions with confidence.

Epi+ for epidemiology-based forecasts

Within the FC+ suite, you’ll now discover a full range of specialized tools:

  1. Flow+: An intuitive and highly accurate solution for forecasting progressive diseases
  2. Onco+: A comprehensive solution that factors in all variables impacting Oncology product forecasts.
  3. Sales+: Employs advanced statistical trending to enhance audit data and offers valuable features for financial, operational, and demand planning.

To explore the full capabilities of FC+ and learn how it can transform your forecasting experience, visit our solutions page here.

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