The Next Evolution of FC365 – Introducing Enhanced Analytics

Enhanced Analytics
with FC365

FC365 already offers seamless integration, bringing all your forecasting data and processes into one unified platform, removing the need to switch between different system components. Our clients love how they can easily shift from Excel-based forecast models to files to analytics and back again. Hosted within a cloud environment, FC365 streamlines processes, bringing automation to workflows and making the forecasting process more efficient.

Now, this exciting enhancement is set to redefine how pharmaceutical forecasting teams visualize their data within the FC365 environment, creating a unique ‘self-service’ experience to empower users and impress stakeholders.

filtering options

With visualization based in Power BI, the Advanced Analytics upgrade introduces a host of intelligent and flexible filtering options, significantly enhancing the ease with which users can navigate and analyze data.

With an expanded array of filters, users can effortlessly delve into their data. Grouping filter options is now a seamless process, where you can view, consolidate, and compare data across brands, business units, therapy areas, or the entire product portfolio, without limitations.

Expanded metrics
and data points.

Beyond catering to core analytical needs such as consolidation and comparison, Enhanced Analytics integrates various methodologies—epidemiological, patient flow, and sales-based—into a unified report. This streamlines therapy area, business unit, and portfolio level analysis, all achievable with just a few clicks.

Enhanced Analytics also significantly enriches the metrics extracted from forecast models, spanning a broad spectrum of data points. From disease-specific epidemiological filters to brand-specific conversion parameters, users gain unparalleled flexibility in conducting their desired analyses, reducing reliance on custom reporting for long-term cost savings.

Additional pre-set analyses have been incorporated, providing maximum flexibility with features like dashboards, epidemiology funnels, and export tables for effortless data extraction. These analyses dynamically adapt based on selected models and methodologies. Comparison analysis, now expanded to accommodate up to 5 comparators, caters to individual user needs, all seamlessly integrated into the default Enhanced Analytics package within the FC365 platform.

Integration with
external data sources.

Seamless integration with existing data warehouses and data lakes, simplifies the incorporation of external data sources while maintaining full control over access and security within your systems. But Enhanced Analytics goes beyond advanced data visualization. With interactive charts, graphs, and data representations, coupled with the ability to auto-populate PowerPoint presentations, users can streamline their workflow, leaving behind time-consuming slide creation and errors, and focus on leveraging insights to drive forecasts.

Efficiency, collaboration
and automation with FC365.

Unlike alternative platforms which move forecasters away from familiar tools and systems, FC365 utilizes the Microsoft suite of apps and sits within your own environment. Because of this, the learning curve is short, meaning you can hit the ground running after a single training session, minimizing support time.

Existing FC365 users can upgrade from standard reports to the Enhanced Analytics with ease. Deployment can be completed within a day, ensuring minimal disruption as you enhance your analytics capabilities.

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Supporting Innovation
in pharmaceutical forecasting.

At J+D we’re committed to delivering cutting-edge solutions that drive improved pharmaceutical forecasting. Enhanced Analytics is a testament to our dedication to innovation and excellence in the field. FC365 is a solution for pharmaceutical and biotech companies of all sizes, whether forecasting for new products or on-market brands. It enables team members to collaborate on forecast models, share insights, and work together in real-time, creating a unified, effective forecasting environment.

For more information or to see FC365 and Enhanced Analytics in action, please contact us.

Author: Andrew Ward

Image of Andrew Ward

Consulting Director at J+D Forecasting. An expert in the pharmaceutical analytics space since 2002 and leading a consultancy team in delivering forecasting solutions including software application development at J+D since 2014.

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