J+D Forecasting is proud to unveil its latest solution release: Sales+

This cutting-edge software marks a significant stride in the world of pharmaceutical forecasting, offering a comprehensive suite of tools tailored to meet the unique demands of the industry.

Sales+ is a unique software designed to equip pharmaceutical forecasters with the tools they need to generate highly accurate trend-based forecasting models. What sets Sales+ apart is its intrinsic pharmaceutical functionality, encompassing critical aspects like data phasing and in-market to ex-manufacture conversion. This software is your gateway to creating statistical, event-based, and probability-based forecast models – all within the same, user-friendly interface.

David James, CEO at J+D Forecasting, said:

“Sales+ is an important innovation within the pharmaceutical forecasting arena. It will help our clients produce accurate, statistical trend-based forecasts and link strategic and operational forecasts to demand. Over the years we’ve developed forecasts for some of the biggest names in the pharma industry and have used this vast experience and knowledge to develop an innovative solution that is not only unique, but helps organisations become more efficient.”

Built on best practices, tailored for all diseases

At the heart of Sales+ lies a commitment to forecasting best practices. It is designed to be adaptable for any disease and is seamlessly integrated as a Microsoft Excel add-in. The step-by-step guidance provided by Sales+ ensures that pharmaceutical data structures are aligned effortlessly, while enabling rapid exploration of market, class, and molecules.

Sales+ employs a robust time series methodology, specifically adapted for the pharmaceutical domain. Within the software you will find an extensive range of trending options, catering to forecasters of varying experience levels, whether you’re an industry veteran or a newcomer.

Learn more about Sales+ here, or you can arrange a free demo at a time that suits you, by clicking here.

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