FC+ Continues to go from strength to strength

We recently announced the roll out of exciting, enhanced functionality across our FC+ forecasting software. With market need and user feedback driving our product development, we know our clients are already enjoying the benefits of these updates as part of their existing software licence packages.

Auto-Trending added to Sales+

A real game-changer to help improve sales-based forecasts, Sales+ now incorporates an ‘auto-trend’ function.  So now, at the click of a button the model automatically identifies the best fit trend for each of the products or SKUs in your forecast. This removes the need to manually identify the appropriate trend algorithm for each product. We know that sales-based forecasts can often include 20+ product rows, so this can potentially save a significant amount of time for forecasting teams.

Auto-trend in action

See the data in just one click

The auto-trend function provides confidence that your model incorporates the algorithm that most closely fits your historical data, with the ability to rerun the function every time you update your model with the latest data. Additionally, to maintain flexibility within the model, the applied trending can be easily overridden to achieve a trend line which closer matches your expectations for the future of a particular product.

If you haven’t yet installed the latest version of your Sales+ forecasting software, login to theHub to download and start enjoying the new functionality. Here you can also download an example model to experience how auto-trend looks in practice.

Improved P&L outputs

All of the FC+ forecasting software addins have been further enhanced with additional P&L functionality.  This allows users to factor the concept of ‘risk’ into the calculation of the outputs – namely NPV, IRR and the payback period.

The P&L look and feel is exactly the same as before so will still be familiar to users, but now it has the option to create a ‘simple’ vs ‘detailed’ P&L.  The final section that calculates the NPV, IRR and payback period is where this latest development can be seen and experienced. Furthermore, this can all be tailored to your specific company requirements.

Input preferences can now be determined to either account for risk in a cumulative nature or on a time period by time period basis.  Key outputs will then be calculated on a risk adjusted vs non risk adjusted basis, enabling the level of risk to be factored in as you compare and evaluate each opportunity. Thus helping to ensure that important investment decisions are made with as much information to hand as possible.

The examples below show the new enhanced approach in action: 

Old approach

New approach

To understand how this P&L risk adjustment approach looks in practice and the benefits it may provide you can visit theHub and download a P&L risk adjustment example model. If you haven’t yet installed the latest version of your FC+ software, login to theHub to download and start enjoying the new functionality.

Not an FC+ user? You can find out more about our suite of pharmaceutical forecasting software here. Alternatively book a free demonstration of FC+ at a time that suits you, using the calendar below.

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