Fast, flexible model build for effective pharmaceutical forecasting​

1st November 2023
We are accelerating custom model build with unique technology, to deliver budget-friendly solutions with fast deployment.
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Navigating Change Management in Big Pharma: FC365 Forecasting Platform from J+D

18th October 2023
Navigating change management in pharmaceutical forecasting can be a daunting challenge, but with FC365 these challenges are met head-on. Discover how this innovation is helping teams embrace technological advancements within forecasting.
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PMSA Global Summit 2023

30th August 2023
J+D Forecasting will be joining The Pharmaceutical Management Science Association (PMSA) in Barcelona on 19th - 21st September for the return of their European event, the PMSA Global Summit, this year themed: AI/ML & Advanced Analytics in Global Pharma.
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FC365: The Future of Pharma Forecasting

27th July 2023
Developed by industry experts, FC365 cloud-based application is connecting business functions, unlocking a new era of pharma forecasting capabilities.
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Digital transformation in pharma: The importance of digitalisation

27th July 2023
"Digital transformation in pharma has become a critical imperative to address industry challenges and unlock opportunities for enriched patient care, innovation, and efficiency through the power of technology."
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Choosing the most Appropriate Time Series Algorithm for Accurate Pharmaceutical Sales Forecasts

21st June 2023
In this short blog we explore the three main time series options used within the pharmaceutical industry to analyse historical data and project trends in the forecast.
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Making Informed Decisions: The Role of Epidemiological Models in Pharmaceutical Forecasting

16th June 2023
In this blog, we explore three different model types used in epidemiology forecasting to provide valuable insights into disease dynamics and strategic planning and decision-making within the pharmaceutical industry.
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J+D selected as industry partners to work with the IT University of Copenhagen

17th April 2023
The teams will work on a project to develop a new, innovative forecasting software solution using Agile scrum methodology.
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Announcing Exciting New Functionality for FC+ Forecasting Software

31st March 2023
J+D are pleased to be bringing even more value to our clients with an update to our FC+ software suite.
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How to Model for Loss of Exclusivity and Generic Entrants

29th March 2023
Whether a direct threat to your originator brand, or a competitor brand losing patent, either way, it is important to build the impact into your forecast structure.
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J+D release FC365 Lite

20th March 2023
For pharma clients looking to take their first steps into an integrated forecasting solution.
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J+D develop ‘Goal Seeker’ tool for enhanced pharmaceutical forecasting

25th November 2022
Announcing the development of a forecasting tool to bring the analyst’s tool kit to the next level.
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