Onco+, Oncology forecasting software, helps you:

  • Make the impossible possible, with complex algorithms built in.
  • Produce patient flow models to support changing treatment paradigms and the progression of patients.
  • Confidently forecast your Oncology product.
  • Reduce third party involvement and associated costs.

What is Onco+?

Onco+ is a game changing Excel add-in, specifically created for Oncology forecasting. The most accurate and precise way to forecast any Oncology product. Onco+ includes all variables related to your Oncology forecast model. The patient flow methodology underpins Onco+. Track and follow patients on treatment throughout your forecast - making this technically difficult methodology accessible to all.


Onco+ is designed for anyone involved in Oncology Forecasting for New Product Planning or Inline products, whether it's in Marketing, Sales, Business Insight, Market Research or Analytics

Sizing the Market

  • Incidence/ relapsed rates
  • Progressed patients
  • Pre defined biomarkers (or create your own)

Trending the Market

  • Determine number of products (current and future)
  • Select your preferred trending option
  • View trended results instantly

Product Events

  • Peak share predictor
  • Product/ class restriction by line
  • Re-treatment rates
  • Switch/ additive/ market expansion

Therapy Duration

  • Length of therapy
  • Persistency curves
  • Holiday periods
  • Progression rates


  • Regimen to product calculator
  • Convert using units or dosage
  • Easily account for loading dose, wastage etc

Advanced Capabilities

  • Monte Carlo
  • Data Phaser
  • Ex manufacture split by SKU
  • Seasonality, stocking, parallel trade
The J+D team is very experienced and bring a lot of knowledge to their projects.They are very insightful about what sort of things to include in models. Market Analytics Manager, ViiV
J+D's Onco+ tool is a fantastic forecast platform. It is very easy and flexible to use as it is designed as a component of an Excel worksheet. It allows the users to create highly customized forecast model based on the detailed and defined patient flow in all disease areas. The tool has also analytical components including SimScore that will help to have reasonable share assessment like mini-conjoint study, and Monte Carlo Simulation for sensitive and scenario analysis. Great forecasting tool to recommend! Frank Wang, Global Business Analysis Disease Lead, Malignant Haematology

Onco+ software demo

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