FC+ is the first suite of Excel add-ins created to forecast any type of disease

J+D Forecasting, one of the world’s leading pharmaceutical forecasting companies, has today announced an upgrade and an extension to the FC+ suite.

Flow+ is the latest addition to the comprehensive suite of forecasting software and supports a more intuitive and accurate way of forecasting progressive diseases.

Each piece of software has been created to solve pharmaceutical forecasting challenges.

  • Epi+ is easy to use and suitable for any epidemiology-based forecast
  • Onco+ incorporates all the variables that affect any Oncology product forecast
  • Sales+ applies advanced statistical trending onto audit data and incorporates many useful features to support financial, operational and demand planning.

Each FC+ product is a Microsoft Excel add-in that guides the user through a step by step process, encouraging transparent assumptions and insightful forecasts.

The FC+ suite has recently benefited from an upgrade in both look and feel and incorporates 2 additional features.

Data Phaser – this helps you translate your strategic or annual forecast into an operational forecast that supports tactical and demand planning decisions

Approval for earlier use – Oncology products are often launched in 3rd line+ and gain a license for earlier lines after launch. Onco+ helps the user identify the size of opportunity at earlier and later lines of treatment.

David James, CEO at J+D Forecasting, said:

“There is a general acceptance that the forecasting experience has to be difficult. FC+ helps clients to overcome challenges and makes the process more interesting and enjoyable.

Over the years we’ve developed forecasts for some of the biggest names in the pharma industry and have used this vast experience and knowledge to develop an innovative solution that is not only unique, but helps organisations become more efficient.”

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