J+D Forecasting provides Online Team Pharma Forecasting Training

There is a significant need for an improved approach to pharmaceutical forecasting.

Improved model design, enhanced usability, efficient processes and the ability to recognise ‘good forecasting’ are just some of the ‘ideals’ the industry is striving for.

Following the success of J+D’s face to face training, the content has been redesigned to make it suitable for an online audience. The training can be tailored to individual teams/departments within specific organisations or completed independently.

Tailored Interactive Online Training is aligned to each company’s/departments needs and based on a series of stakeholder interviews and learning objectives.

Independent online courses are set pieces of training to help anyone involved in pharma forecasting improve or refresh their skills. These can be purchased directly from theHub.

Best practice forecasting principles underpin key forecasting concepts throughout the learning process.

There are various courses available including Fundamentals of Forecasting and more specific Oncology Forecasting courses.

In addition, trainees gain access to FC+ software, case studies and quizzes, plus reminder cards.

For a free trial of our training or further information get in touch: [email protected]

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