Our great suite of forecasting software just got better!

With automation of time-consuming, manual tasks at the forefront of our innovations, J+D are pleased to announce the addition of a new Auto-trending functionality to Sales+, part of our FC+ suite of pharma forecasting software.

At the click of a button, the model will automatically identify the best fit trending algorithm for the data, removing the manual, ‘trial and error’ approach, to achieve mathematical accuracy within your forecasts.

Our Sales+ software has been specifically created for anyone involved in pharmaceutical forecasting to help them to produce more accurate trend-based forecasting models. Sales+ incorporates specific pharmaceutical functionality. For example, data phasing and in-market to ex-manufacture conversion. Ultimately, Sales+ supports the creation of statistical, event-based and probability based forecast models in the same software.

This unique Auto-trending enhancement will give clients the ability to use advanced trending methodologies yet still have full flexibility to apply their own market knowledge and experience for a more efficient and confident forecast.

Built upon forecasting best practice principles and adaptable for any disease, Sales+ is a Microsoft Excel add-in, that guides the user through a step by step process, aligning pharmaceutical data structures and supporting exploration of market, class and molecules quickly.

David James, CEO at J+D Forecasting:

“This is an important innovation for our Sales+ offering and will allow our clients to forecast confidently and with accuracy, using advanced trending methodologies.

Over the years we’ve developed forecasts for some of the biggest names in the pharma industry and use this vast experience and knowledge to develop innovative solutions which are not only unique, but help organisations become more efficient in their forecasting.”

Learn more about Sales+ here, or you can arrange a free demo of our Sales + software at a time that suits you, by clicking here.

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