Power BI, the Obvious Business Intelligence Software Choice for J+D.

Microsoft Technology Stack.

With the Microsoft Technology Stack at the heart of J+D, choosing Power BI over other business intelligence software options was an easy choice. As a Microsoft Partner, we combine many trusted Microsoft technologies within our FC365 forecasting platform to bring our clients the very best experience offering usability, flexibility, and scalability.

All-in-one BI tool.

Power BI allows us to connect to an ever-growing list of data sources and objects, extracting the required data before transforming it and creating a semantic model for which to base our analysis on. Standard reports and dashboards are then built from this data. We also offer the option to create completely customised forecast reports in Power BI, which can then be embedded into FC365 or incorporated within one of our other software solutions, to fully meet our clients’ needs.

Seamless Integration with our FC365 Forecasting Platform.

J+D incorporate Power BI seamlessly into our FC365 forecasting platform to bring to life our expertly built forecasting models with the latest in data analytics and visualisation, giving the user flexible outputs and real-time enhanced analysis and reporting. Here, in this innovative environment, forecasters can rely on robust systems with reliable outputs. As the FC365 solution simplifies and automates much of the forecasting process, clients benefit from the value its ‘real-time’ capabilities offer; specifically, that you can update an Excel forecast model and with 2 clicks see the impact within the analytics.

Strategic Decision Making.

By utilising Power BI within the FC365 platform, clients can consolidate, compare, share, review, manage and comment on past, current or future forecasts within their company’s secure environment, enabling faster, better, and more strategic decisions to be made by pinpointing key drivers for individual brands/opportunities and across countries/portfolio. Leveraging parameters in Power BI can take your scenario planning to the next level with the ability to run ‘what if’ virtual scenario analysis and visualise/quantify variables within your forecast and make informed decisions in the room.

Staying on the Pulse.

Power BI is a constantly evolving technology which allows J+D to offer the very best enhancements and functionality upgrades to our clients as they become available. Our modular approach to platform forecasting gives users full flexibility to update or replace existing models or customise Power BI reports to adapt to changes in business demand or market drivers. With J+D upgrading the solution at source, users can immediately benefit from additional platform or module features without the associated upgrade costs and effort.

“The Power BI dashboard is a game-changer for us. It enables self-service for our CFO for overseeing the business, and also to present financials in real time to stakeholders, such as the board.”

Portfolio Manager,
Corporate Controlling, Bayer

Author: Robin Heath, Business Consultant and Power BI Lead at J+D Forecasting. An expert in data analysis and reporting visualisation, heading up the development of forecasting insights within J+D forecasting software solutions.

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