FC+ Forecasting Software Just Got Better.

Following feedback from our clients, we are pleased to introduce an updated P&L module across all of the FC+ add-ins. The newly launched Risk Assessment functionality allows users to accurately compare opportunities for increased confidence and consistency.

Specifically created for anyone involved in pharmaceutical forecasting, our FC+ suite of forecasting software is built upon forecasting best practice principles and adaptable for any disease, delivering sophisticated, visually engaging models for Epidemiology, Sales, Patient flow or Oncology based forecasting.

Developed with users at the forefront, the Excel-based application combines front-end simplicity with complex software at its core to elevate user understanding and knowledge with a familiar functionality that can be tailored to user requirements.

“In any BD assessment, there is always an element of ‘risk’ as the asset progresses through its development process, and this can be hard to account for within a forecast in a transparent and flexible way. Our enhanced P&L module means clients can now compare opportunities in a more comprehensive way and gain greater transparency around the incorporation of risk into the financial assessment of an opportunity.”

Kris Barker,
Commercial Head of Syndicated Services, J+D Forecasting.

Gain even more.

With a new risk assessment feature our clients now have the option to calculate risk adjusted KPIs (NPV, IRR, payback period) alongside non risk adjusted KPIs. In just a few clicks incorporate risk with greater transparency to understand the impact, for improved decision making in an instant.

This enhancement is now included as standard across all of the Sales+, Epi+, Flow+ and Onco+ software add-ins.

Discover more about FC+ here, or book a free demo at a time that suits you.

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