Announcing Exciting New Functionality for FC+ Forecasting Software

We understand that sharing forecasts across teams is a vital part of the wider process.

To give our clients complete control and to facilitate the sharing of forecasts built within our FC+ software, we have developed an optional new module which will allow colleagues to better collaborate on their forecasts. 

Currently, exported model files can easily be viewed and edited by colleagues with an FC+ licence. If the recipient does not have access to an FC+ licence, they have view only access, which is a good option when you wish to retain control of the file and prevent changes.

But this is about to change.

With our new, soon to be launched module, clients will also have the ability to create and share a standalone version of a model which retains all the forecasting functionality, but without the need for colleagues to have an FC+ licence to edit.

Having this flexibility will make it much easier to share models with anyone in your organisation and allow them to potentially make changes. Of course, you would still have the option of sharing the Excel itself, or an exported flat file in situations where you would want stakeholders to have review only access.

By removing restrictions with the new ‘Create Standalone’ functionality, this will complete the suite of options for how you communicate and control the editing of your FC+ forecasts. 

Launch details coming soon. To find out more, get in touch with our team or book a free FC+ demo using the booking form below.

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