J+D grows in the Middle East and partners with Curis Health

In the world of pharmaceutical forecasting, collaboration and innovation are key to success. Today, we are pleased to announce a partnership between J+D Forecasting and Curis Health MEA, a leading healthcare consultancy based in Dubai. This partnership signifies a union of expertise, resources, and a shared commitment to delivering excellence in the healthcare industry.

A shared vision: Delivering innovation

This partnership is an exciting collaboration between two industry leaders who share common goals. David James, CEO of J+D Forecasting, expressed his enthusiasm for this collaboration, stating, “This has been an interesting collaboration for us, and we are looking forward to supporting Curis Health MEA. We have a common goal in that we both aim to delight our clients with innovation and strong support.”

As we embark on this journey together, the partnership between J+D Forecasting and Curis Health MEA promises to bring transformative solutions to the field of pharmaceutical forecasting.

Together, we are shaping the future of pharmaceutical forecasting.

About Curis Health MEA

Curis Health MEA is a healthcare evidence-based consultancy comprised of a team of seasoned researchers with a diverse range of expertise. Their collective knowledge spans various industries, including pharmaceutical companies, retail pharmacy, clinical and marketing research consultancies. With a commitment to providing flexible research solutions tailored to clients’ unique needs, Curis Health MEA has established itself as a trusted partner in the healthcare sector.

Their research excellence extends across multiple therapy areas, and their specialized fieldwork team focuses exclusively on the healthcare industry, covering regions such as the Middle East, Near East, North Africa, and Sub-Saharan Africa. Clients from various domains, including pharmaceuticals, biotech, medicated cosmetics, nutrition, medical devices, and diagnostics, benefit from Curis Health MEA’s evidence-based insights and customized research solutions.

About J+D Forecasting

J+D Forecasting boasts decades of experience in the pharmaceutical forecasting arena. Founded with a passion for pharmaceutical forecasting and a commitment to providing superior forecasting solutions, the company has grown to become a trusted name in the industry. Their offerings include bespoke forecasting consultancy, FC+ pharmaceutical forecasting software, forecasting training, and FC365 cloud-based forecasting platform. With a global client base, J+D Forecasting is known for delivering innovation and excellence in pharmaceutical forecasting.

Learn more about J+D Forecasting and their expertise in pharmaceutical forecasting here.

For insights into Curis Health MEA and their healthcare evidence-based consultancy services, explore their website here.

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