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Bridging the Knowledge Gap in Pharma Forecasting

Within pharmaceutical forecasting, a widening gap exists between the growing demand for knowledge and the availability of up-to-date training resources. As a business-critical function, pharma forecasting presents challenges that often leave professionals feeling ill-equipped and overwhelmed.

From Brand Managers to Researchers, Analysts, and even seasoned forecasters, the pressure to select the right methods, data sources, and effectively communicate forecasts is ever present. Evolving therapies, intricate patent landscapes, and the accelerated influx of new products further intensify the pressure to create accurate forecasts.

Forecasting has become more and more important in recent years and has slowly crept into many different job roles within a variety of pharmaceutical organisations. Consequently, forecasting does not form a part of the core skill set for all individuals whose responsibility it now falls to.

Yet pressure remains to develop, populate and communicate several types of forecasting models and approaches to get to the all important ‘magic number.’

At J+D, we’re on a mission to transform this scenario and empower you to embrace forecasting expertise and give you the capability to put it into daily practice.

Our training courses are specifically created around four guiding principles:

  1. Practicality: We emphasize hands-on experience through practical case studies, fostering real-world application.
  2. Energy and Engagement: Enjoyment and active participation drive our workshops, igniting a passion for mastering forecasting.
  3. Accessibility: We understand the constraints of time and offer flexible options that suit your schedule.
  4. Relevance: Our courses address the unique challenges faced by professionals in this dynamic industry, ensuring immediate applicability.

Our trainers have extensive experience in both client and consulting roles, providing us with a deep understanding of your challenges.

Three distinctive training solutions tailored to your needs:

  1. Multi-Client Pharma Forecasting Workshops: Usually over 1-2 days where objective and learning goals are explored at the beginning of the course. Engage in interactive sessions, hands-on exercises, and practical quizzes to elevate your forecasting skills.
  2. Tailored Pharma Forecasting Workshops: These courses are tailored to the needs and requirements of an individual company team. We collaborate with you to align the content to the training needs of the group. The process begins with stakeholder interviews, so we can get an in depth understanding of your requirements. The location can be chosen by you.
  3. Online Pharma Forecasting Training: We understand it can be difficult to take time out, so we digitised our face to face training course ‘The Fundamentals of Forecasting’. You can take this course anytime, any place that suits you and start the course and return at your convenience.

Next Multi-Client Workshop: Check this space for upcoming dates.

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But learning doesn’t stop when the training ends. Welcome to theHub, accessible to all trainees—an exclusive knowledge centre. Access data, hints and tips to get the best from your forecasts, trial pharma forecasting software, and much more.

We can’t wait to hear from you, Contact us here for further information

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