J+D Forecasting collaborate with the University of Bath School of Management

J+D Forecasting are advancing the future of forecasting education

We are pleased to have contributed our comprehensive forecasting training materials to the esteemed Strategy & Organisation Division of the University of Bath School of Management.

This collaboration played a pivotal role in enriching a market sizing and forecasting session for MSc students, highlighting our commitment to nurturing the skills of emerging professionals. These training materials are an integral part of J+D’s renowned Pharma Forecasting Training Courses, which are tailored to cater to various learning modes—face-to-face and online, ensuring accessibility and flexibility.

Rossella Salandra, Assistant Professor in Entrepreneurship and Innovation, applauded our training materials, stating, “J+D training materials really are spectacular.”

As industry leaders, we understand the significance of equipping the next generation of forecasters with robust expertise. David James, J+D CEO, expressed his enthusiasm, saying, “We are proud to share our forecasting training materials with the University of Bath School of Management. If we can instill best practices early, better forecasts and more informed decisions can be made in the future.”

J+D’s inception over two decades ago stemmed from a passion for pharmaceutical forecasting and a dedication to providing superior forecasting solutions. Our portfolio spans FC+ pharmaceutical forecasting software, Forecasting Training, and FC365— a cloud-based business planning platform, all designed to cater to a global clientele.

At J+D Forecasting, we believe that knowledge shared is knowledge multiplied. By collaborating with institutions like the University of Bath School of Management, we are shaping a future where accurate forecasts drive impactful decisions.

For further information visit: https://jdforecasting.com/training/

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