Tailored: Just for you and your team.

  • Online or in-person tailored group forecasting training designed for you and your team.
  • We align the training to your needs using your real-life business examples.
  • Pre-training stake-holder interviews conducted to understand your objectives.
  • Interactive, with case studies and quizzes included too.
Our custom training programme is more than just a workshop. You can continue to learn with full access to FC+ software, online training and our forecasting knowledge centre.
A J+D pharmaceutical forecasting training course can be tailored with suitable content at a suitable time. Clients who have completed our bespoke training courses demonstrate a significant improvement in both confidence and understanding of pharmaceutical forecasting. However, most importantly, they enjoy the experience and are able to put their learning into practice immediately.

Working collaboratively, we create an individualised training programme based on your business that is fun, interactive and hands-on.

Very good balance of theory and practical, with friendly and approachable trainers who kept it interesting and engaging throughout. NAPP
Congratulation on the content and format – it is very clear and comprehensive! I have been able to understand everything and it had been very valuable. Bayer
Just the right content for people whose role involves informing the development of Forecast models, providing assumptions and data, as well as reviewing assumptions by affiliates. Gilead
One of the best training courses I have attended. I would recommend this training to Marketing, Finance associated to Marketing and Market ResearchersLilly
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