Our custom face to face pharma forecasting training courses are tailored to the requirements of your individual team.

Working collaboratively, we create an individualised training programme

1. Understanding

To ensure the training is as valuable as possible we make it our business to understand what will be most useful to the team 1-2 weeks prior to the workshop. The approach is an in depth interview with stakeholders to understand their needs to make the course as valuable as possible. On the first day we clarify our understanding of these objectives so throughout the course we can use real life examples and explain in detail how the content relates to the customer's objectives they have stated.

2. Relevance

We explore your objectives to ensure relevance and importance. We draw upon the skills and capabilities of our senior team to tailor the courses and the content so it is as relevant as possible. The course is presented using PowerPoint with live examples via Excel, the programme of choice for forecasting. Finally, the training deck goes through a rigorous quality control to ensure it is up to date with the latest thinking in forecasting and again aligns with the ethos of the company we are working with.

3. Engagement

In order to maintain pace, fun and engagement we use a variety of stimulus to keep you interested. Hands on practical case studies, fun quizzes, group exercises and the trainers frequently share explanations.

4. Continuous Learning

Following the training course, you gain free access to theHub (the place for all your pharma forecasting needs) and free access to FC+, (the latest Pharma Forecasting Software).

The training is typically broken down into 4 key modules.

1. Forecasting process within organisation

2. Forecasting fundamental principles

3. How to develop and communicate forecasts

4. Data generation and management

A J+D pharmaceutical forecasting training course is usually over 1-3 working days at your offices or at a central venue. Clients often rate their knowledge when they enter very low and often leave demonstrating a significant improvement in both confidence and understanding. Most importantly, they have enjoyed the experience and have been able to put their learning into practice immediately.
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