Fast, flexible model build for effective pharmaceutical forecasting​

1st November 2023
We are accelerating custom model build with unique technology, to deliver budget-friendly solutions with fast deployment.
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Exploring The Impact of Patient Flow Forecasting on the Patient and the HCP

28th November 2023
Patient flow forecasting can have a significant impact on patient outcomes. Specialist forecasting software can support pharma companies in achieving accurate predictions for enhanced outcomes.
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Understanding Patient Flow Forecasting

9th November 2023
Here, we discuss the concept of patient flow forecasting, its methodology, common statistical models and methods, and how dedicated software is essential in mastering this complex forecasting technique.
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Navigating Change Management in Big Pharma: FC365 Forecasting Platform from J+D

18th October 2023
Navigating change management in pharmaceutical forecasting can be a daunting challenge, but with FC365 these challenges are met head-on. Discover how this innovation is helping teams embrace technological advancements within forecasting.
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FC365: The Future of Pharma Forecasting

27th July 2023
Developed by industry experts, FC365 cloud-based application is connecting business functions, unlocking a new era of pharma forecasting capabilities.
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Digital transformation in pharma: The importance of digitalisation

27th July 2023
"Digital transformation in pharma has become a critical imperative to address industry challenges and unlock opportunities for enriched patient care, innovation, and efficiency through the power of technology."
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The processes needed for successful pharmaceutical forecasting

7th September 2023
With the pharmaceutical industry becoming increasingly digital, what processes are needed to enhance collaboration, communication, and to unlock the value of digital tools to achieve business goals?
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Understanding epidemiology forecasting and the impact of data sources on accuracy

6th July 2023
Epidemiological forecasting plays a crucial role in understanding disease trends and predicting their impact. The accuracy of these forecasts is influenced by various factors, primarily the quality and availability of data.
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Using sales-based forecasting to identify opportunity and risk for pharma business

29th June 2023
By including the wider competitive set in the forecasting process, pharmaceutical companies can observe and visualize trends and patterns more clearly. This approach can provide valuable insights, to make informed decisions and develop strategies.
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Choosing the most Appropriate Time Series Algorithm for Accurate Pharmaceutical Sales Forecasts

21st June 2023
In this short blog we explore the three main time series options used within the pharmaceutical industry to analyse historical data and project trends in the forecast.
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Making Informed Decisions: The Role of Epidemiological Models in Pharmaceutical Forecasting

16th June 2023
In this blog, we explore three different model types used in epidemiology forecasting to provide valuable insights into disease dynamics and strategic planning and decision-making within the pharmaceutical industry.
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Understanding the role of sales forecasting within pharma

14th June 2023
Ultimately, the accuracy of the sales forecast directly impacts the quality of business decisions. A more accurate forecast provides a solid foundation for decision-making
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