25th January 2018

Complexity Versus Simplicity: The Forecast Model Balancing Act

A successful forecast model design, as our previous article explored, relies on four key ingredients: transparency, tailoring, flexibility and simplicity. However, getting the right amount of simplicity can be challenging when the other ingredients can drive complexity in a forecast model. Toeing the line between…
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8th December 2017

Four Core Ingredients Of Successful Forecast Model Design

A forecast model should make your life easier, not harder. It should allow people with varying capabilities, responsibilities and experiences to input their ideas and rationale, and understand what will happen to a product if the market changes. Therefore, a successful forecast model gives structure…
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21st June 2017

The fundamental Pillars that Support Good Forecasting

The Context Here at J+D we create 100’s of strategic forecasting and operational planning models for many of the largest pharmaceutical companies year on year. These figures have increased consistently, certainly in the last 3-5 years; as scrutiny from pharmaceutical investors puts increasing pressure on revenue generation…
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14th June 2017

Diving into the deep waters of forecasting

‘Immerse yourself with confidence’ The Context Time and time again we hear from Brand Managers, Researchers, Analysts and even Forecasters about the challenges in forecasting. Many stakeholders in a business feel uncomfortable about the time involved in the forecasting process, choosing the right type of…
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13th June 2017

Using existing, internal data sources to generate understanding

Knock, Knock Whose there? The Context Consider the following age old question: just how well do you know your customers? Perhaps most pharmaceutical companies would probably argue that they know their customers very well. But are there opportunities to understand them even better…? This was…
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28th March 2017

Pharmaceutical Forecasting Excellence

Forecasting across the Product Life cycle Forecasting is a crucial exercise for mid and long term planning, yet it can be a particularly challenging and complex task in the pharmaceutical domain. It covers a wide range of methods and techniques that may be applied selectively to…
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27th March 2017

Chinese Whispers: Mind the gap between Market Research + Forecast Models

The Context One of the challenges regularly faced in market research and forecasting is the alignment of data from market research in to the creation of a robust model. When building a forecast model, you gather primary and secondary data, and develop assumptions that senior…
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