J+D release FC365 Lite

This variant of the industry’s most innovative cloud-based forecasting app, FC365, will deliver enhanced forecast model creation with powerful visualisation and detailed reports. With FC365 Lite, clients will benefit from flexible model options and file storage and management within a single, shared environment. Suitable for organisations looking a more manageable segway into a full SaaS system.

J+D have developed FC365 Lite as an alternative to its industry leading FC365 platform application. This offering will support small and mid-size biotech and pharma companies with more targeted product portfolios that might not require all the advanced features and functionality of a full enterprise-wide forecasting solution, but still want to transition to a more robust forecasting NPP or In-line strategic process. FC365 Lite will futureproof forecasting for these clients.

FC365 Lite addresses the most challenging forecasting pain points, resulting in more streamlined processes.

Some of the key benefits

J+D Forecasting is also recommending FC365 Lite to its existing FC+ software users. With its modular design, existing models can be incorporated into the platform, meaning forecasting teams benefit from automated model management functionality, and experience real-time analysis and reporting.

"The FC365 platform has revolutionised our forecasting. Models are easy to find and manage, while the analytic reports give great insights.”

Simple IT installation and integration makes FC365 Lite the perfect option, giving forecasting teams the ability to build best practice models, stay in control of the forecast and create insightful reports, all within a single, collaborative environment.

CEO, J+D Forecasting
“J+D are the only specialist pharma forecasting organization delivering expert-driven innovation. FC365 Lite bridges the gap between forecast models and visualisation, with easy transition to a full process management platform, supporting the digital transformation happening within pharmaceutical forecasting right now.”

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