FC365 is a powerful, collaborative, pharmaceutical forecasting solution. Built on the functionality you know and trust, our FC365 Application empowers better decision making through effective insight generation and visualisation thanks to J+D. We simplify the complex nature of forecasting with a centralised process in one, shared cloud-based interface. FC365 is an innovative support system for informed decision making about the future.

more efficient.

What is FC365?

Accuracy - Collaboration - Clarity - Innovation FC365 is an all-in-one, cloud-based forecasting solution delivering powerful, transparent forecasting insights that make impact. Based on the functionality you know and trust, with expert insights built in, FC365 integrates seamlessly into your environment. Our solution provides a secure, collaborative platform where global teams find synergy. Departments across business functions and countries consolidate thinking through an alignment of process for improved forecasting accuracy. FC365 generates captivating visual outputs and detailed reports which can be customised and changed at the touch of a button.

FC365 helps you

  • Uncover detailed insights at a click of a button
  • Collaborate more effectively with anyone locally or globally
  • Be in control of the data and numerous forecasts at anytime
  • Visualise scenarios as they unfold before your eyes
  • Quick and seamless analysis of forecasts with new automated processes
FC365 combines years of pharmaceutical forecasting expertise with both established and innovative software to create one intelligent forecasting solution.

Why FC365?

Quick and Seamless Analysis of Forecasts​ Thanks to streamlined communication within an MS Teams environment, stakeholders across countries can eliminate arduous admin and get back to forming the narrative. Existing Excel forecast models can be maintained, large files can be shared, updated and stored in one place; streamlining the collation of data, forecasts and assumptions. Forecasters can rely on robust systems with reliable outputs at a click of a button.​


Enriched Collaboration in One Shared Interface  Our solution provides a secure, collaborative environment where global teams find synergy. Departments across business functions and countries consolidate thinking through an alignment of process.​ For example, teams across countries can quickly tap into forecasts and keep up with real-time updates from around the globe.


Formulate the Narrative More Quickly Our models are built consistently in a modular step by step way and are aligned to best practice forecasting. Models are tailored to your disease and your market. They are intuitive to create and speed up the review process too. Both the process and the model promote positive conversations affording more time to formulate the narrative around local and global forecasts and provide more informed direction for the business.​
Developed by Pharmaceutical Forecasting Experts FC365 is built on knowledge and experience to provide an all-in-one forecasting approach that works for you. With decades of experience in bespoke pharma forecasting, our solution gives you leverage. Best practice combined with our prescribed methodology provides accuracy you can trust for intelligent forecasting results.
The work J+D have done for us has completely revolutionised our interactions with the countries. Regional Manager, EMEA, Bayer
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