FC365 is a tailored pharmaceutical forecasting solution which solves all of your forecasting challenges within one complete system. Powered by trusted Microsoft technology, FC365 encourages the seamless discovery of instant insights.

FC365 helps you

  • Uncover detailed insights at a click of a button
  • Collaborate more effectively with anyone locally or globally
  • Be in control of the data and numerous forecasts at anytime
  • Visualise scenarios as they unfold before your eyes
FC365 combines years of pharmaceutical forecasting expertise with both established and innovative software to create one intelligent forecasting solution.

What is FC365?

A completely seamless pharmaceutical forecasting system specifically designed for global forecasting, which can be used collaboratively by employees from HQ through to affiliate level. FC365 generates captivating visual outputs and detailed reports which can be customised and changed at the touch of a button. This system fully integrates with Microsoft Office software for holistic, accurate and instantaneous results, saving you time and encouraging strategic thinking across the whole team.

Why FC365?

More control By integrating and customising our FC365 forecasting software within your business, you can manage internal processes simply. Existing Excel forecast models can be maintained, large files can be shared, updated and stored in one place; streamlining the collation of data, forecasts and assumptions. The process becomes efficient and enjoyable for all.


Open conversations Clear and concise data that can be shared easily between both local and global teams provides more opportunity for creative thinking and collaborative approaches, revolutionising global pharmaceutical forecasting. Discussions between teams are made easy with a transparent approach to data and captivating visual representations, tailored to your business.


In-depth Market Understanding Having adaptable data that you can consolidate at the touch of a button generates the ability to uncover valuable insights and assess a range of possible outcomes live. Responsive and intuitive FC365 allows you to create captivating visual representations for your market, therapy area or country within seconds, all in one easily manageable platform.


Developed by Pharma Experts FC365 is built on knowledge and experience to provide an all-in-one forecasting approach that works for you. With decades of experience in bespoke pharma forecasting, our solution gives you leverage. Generating insights from numerous data sources, FC365 lets you take control of the process utilising SharePoint, and visualise forecasts like never before in PowerBI.
The work J+D have done for us has completely revolutionised our interactions with the countries. Regional Manager, EMEA, Bayer
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