Epi+, pharmaceutical forecasting software helps you:

  • Produce unlimited epidemiology-based forecasts in-line with best practice.
  • Create consistent models quickly, supporting more efficient decision making.
  • Develop existing models or create new ones.
  • Create your own forecast intuitively with the Epi+ software, meaning outsourcing is no longer a requirement.

What is Epi+?

An Excel add-in specifically created for pharmaceutical epidemiology and patient-based cross-sectional modelling. Epi+ is a forecasting software tool that will empower the user to create their forecast for any disease. It is specifically created for internal use, removing the need for external specialist support. Errors in data inputs are minimised, to ensure that confidence in outputs maximised.


For anyone involved in forecasting in New Product Planning, Marketing, Sales, Forecasting, Business Insight, Market Research, Analytics
It is so challenging when you inherit other people’s model which makes no sense to you, FC+ was so clear and easy to populate. Menarini, Corporate Therapeutic Area Manager
Epi+ is an exciting tool that can be used to quickly develop forecast models for pharmaceutical products. I highly recommend Epi+ for its ease in use and flexibility. AbbVie, Former Director, Global Forecasting & Commercial Analytics

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