The easy way to create Epidemiology based forecasts with efficient and engaging consolidation. Like all FC+ software, it is Excel based so clients can benefit from a widely used flexible application. The modular structure makes model creation intuitive plus 24/7 support and learning via theHub.

What are the benefits?

Clunky, slow and lack of transparency disappears with Epi+. Errors in data inputs are minimised, confidence in outputs maximised. The instant changes to outputs engages audiences from CEOs to Analysts.
It is so challenging when you inherit other people’s model which makes no sense to you, FC+ was so clear and easy to populate. Menarini, Corporate Therapeutic Area Manager
Epi+ is an exciting tool that can be used to quickly develop forecast models for pharmaceutical products. I highly recommend Epi+ for its ease in use and flexibility. AbbVie, Former Director, Global Forecasting & Commercial Analytics

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