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Solutions for every stage of the forecasting process

J+D Forecasting’s pharmaceutical forecasting software caters to four key stages in the pharmaceutical industry: New Product Planning, Product Launch, Inline/On Market Products, and Data/Market Research (which is incorporated into the New Product Planning stage). 

With our forecasting solutions, we can help you make informed decisions about the future of your products, whether they are in the early stages of development or already on the market.

Strategic Long Range Business Planning (LRP)
Operational Planning
Inline Evaluation
New Product Planning

Therapy Areas

J+D forecasting’s software is designed to cater to different therapy classes, including oncology, rare diseases, and epidemiology, by providing specialized forecasting models and tools that are tailored to the unique characteristics of each therapy area.

Forecasting for Rare Dieases

Forecasting in Oncology

Epidemiology (and more)

J+D approach

Common challenges will lead future trends in this area. How can you best keep a model simple and streamlined and still answer the business questions? What level of depth of methodology should be used to inform different stakeholders?  How to communicate the value vs. limitations of a forecast to senior management to not set false expectations? 

Addressing these challenges to deliver efficiencies within forecasting will continue to be the focus for J+D as we carry on investing in the needs and demands of our clients.  

Our cloud-based, industry specific forecasting platform, FC365 continues to evolve. In the latest iteration, clients can build their own Power BI reports. Integration with more applications is in the pipeline for a fully streamlined approach. 

J+D Forecasting is also building additional project management capabilities that will help clients significantly. In the future, the platform will focus on advanced analytics such as sensitivity and goal seeker scenario analysis. 

Ultimately, FC365 will start incorporating other data sources so that clients can expand it outside the model and start using it to predict their business performance.  

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Software for every forecasting approach

Our software is designed to allow users to customise their forecasting approach based on their specific needs.


The software offers modules for patient flow forecasting, sales-based forecasting, epidemiology-based forecasting and opportunity-based forecasting, providing users with a powerful tool to make informed decisions and plan for the future.


Our software’s customisable approach ensures that users can tailor their forecasting methods to fit their specific requirements, offering a versatile solution for a range of industries.

Patient Flow

Sales-based Forecasting


Opportunity-based Forecasting

Error free forecasting with analysis tools built in

J+D Forecasting’s software provides a range of analysis tools, including SimScore, Monte Carlo, Consolidation, Auto-trending, and Seeker. 

These tools can help you make more accurate forecasts and predictions by simulating different scenarios, estimating probabilities, combining data sources, identifying trends and patterns, and focusing on the most influential drivers.


Monte Carlo




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